Phuket Hash House Harriers



Phuket hash House Harriers

Phuket hash House Harriers in the hills

Phuket Hash House Harriers is a group of expats that meet 7 times a month to drink and exercise. This is a very social club. Hashing is based on the idea that for every time you make a sortie out into the wilds of Phuket you should be rewarded with a chance to have a beer!

Phuket Hashing follows a paper route in a circle back to the starting point. The run organizer or ‘Hare’ then lays traps or slows the front runners down so that both runners and walkers get back to the starting point at roughly the same time.

Phuket hash House Harriers at the circle

Phuket hash House Harriers at the circle

Then follows the ‘circle’ where the ‘Grandmaster’ gives out run offenses to anyone he sees fit. He does this by making him/her drink a beer. Stewards are also called in to give further run offences and tell some jokes. There are no rules, it’s chaotic andĀ  pretty spontaneous and for those who like it, it is quite addictive.

The Phuket hash is based out of Patong beach out of the Expat Hotel. Hashers meet here every Saturday at 2.30pm and take a bus out to the start of the run which is at 4pm sharp.

Phuket Hash House Harriers is part running, part drinking group of people that brings together a glorious miss-match of personalities 7 times a month. On a Hash House Harriers day you meet up and are then called together and introduced by the Grand Master to the ‘hare’ of the day and then set off to follow the paper.. Read all hereĀ Phuket Hash House Harriers

Phuket hash House Harriers walkers

Phuket hash House Harriers walkers

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Patong Accommodation Apk Resort And Spa


Phuket Graceland Resort And Spa reviews


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Phuket Graceland Resort And Spa is one of Patong Phuket’s best value 4 star resorts on the beachfront. For it’s position on the beach facing the setting sun to it’s cool infinity pool and great rooms this is a well put together resort. My son stayed their with 7 friends and and said it was tremendous value as they could have 4 people to a room. This was ideal as they had just come off touring Phi Phi Island and decided they wanted to party in the party capital of southern Thailand. But Phuket Graceland Resort And Spa is just outside the central district so they could really unwind before they had to get their flight back to Europe.

Both guest reviews and the travel industry rate the resort and to find oput more from this review read on.

Phuket Graceland Resort And Spa enjoys the reputation of a good hotel on the Patong Beachfront Road with pool views stretching out over the Indian Ocean. The resort is close enough to the centre of Patong to be a 15 minute stroll along the beach but not to close to be surrounded by any nightlife. For the rest of this article see Phuket Graceland Resort And Spa reviews

Phuket Hotel Guides

It all seems so strange that you would need to talk about the right Phuket Hotel but there are many many out there with some being a lot better than others.

Here is my first suggestion.

“The large 418 room and 5 star Millennium Resort Patong Phuket is a popular and excellently well-reviewed town hotel just off the back of Patong beach, one of Thailand’s most vibrant tourist destinations. In the centre of Patong it gets the best out of it’s access to all the key parts of the Beach.”

Millennium Resort Patong Phuket

Enjoy the pool at the Millennium Resort Patong Phuket

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